Keeping You Safe Since 2013

Source for Safety Consulting and Training Programs

Keeping You Safe Since 2012

Source for Safety Consulting and Training Programs

Eliminate Workplace Hazards With Our Certified Specialists

Here at T&J Safety Services, we offer comprehensive on-site inspections, training courses, and safety consulting services. We offer the expertise of highly trained staff to help you ensure strict industry compliance.

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Dedicated to Client Safety

We work hard to address health and safety issues in the workplaces of our clients. Based in Omaha, we provide a variety of services and programs tailored to the needs of each individual business.

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Developing Our Services

As a safety consulting business, we make sure we are always updated with the latest industry standards. That is why we continuously conduct research and undergo training, ensuring we deliver the most reliable services that work for your needs.

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To request our services, reach out to our friendly team of staff. We look forward to hearing from you!